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Fracking Boom Would Increase California’s Earthquake Danger, Report Finds

March 13, 2014

Hundreds of Oil Wastewater Wells Near Active Faults and Major Cities Already Raising Quake Risk for Millions of Californians

SAN FRANCISCO— Oil companies are increasing California’s earthquake risk by injecting billions of gallons of oil and gas wastewater a year into hundreds of disposal wells near active faults around Los Angeles, Bakersfield and other major cities, according to a new report from Earthworks, the Center for Biological Diversity and Clean Water Action.  


Fracking Moratorium Bill Introduced in California

February 21, 2014 • Jennifer Krill

Yesterday, Senators Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles) and Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) introduced Senate Bill (SB) 1132 to the California Legislature, which calls for a moratorium on fracking and other types of unconventional well stimulation (like acidizing).

Current law (SB4) requires an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) but there are at least two problems with it:

  • Fracking and acidizing is allowed to continue while regulators conduct the EIR – essentially treating Californians’ water and health as fracking guinea pigs
  • The current EIR doesn’t assess the full range of impacts of fracking/acidizing.

Comments on Notice of Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report to evaluate the impacts of existing and potential future oil and gas well stimulation treatments occurring within California (California SB4)

January 16, 2014 • Earthworks et. al.

Public Comments: SB 4 Well Stimulation Treatment Regulations

January 14, 2014 • Earthworks et. al.

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Proposed California fracking regulations friendly to the industry, not the public

November 22, 2013 • Jhon Arbelaez

On November 15, the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR), released its proposed regulations for fracking and other types of well stimulation, as stipulated by SB4. The regulations are the first in California to regulate fracking and acidizing. Although hailed by regulators and the oil industry as the toughest regulations in the country, they are not. Far from perfect, the regs leave much to be desired in the way of public health and environmental protection.


As DOGGR dithers, fracking and acidization threaten Californians’ health

November 12, 2013 • Jhon Arbelaez

On September 20, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law legislation that will require regulations on fracking, acidizing, and other well stimulation techniques.

The law, known as SB4, requires a study of the potential impacts of well stimulation to be completed by January 1, 2015. 


Mientras el fracturamiento hidráulico y la acidificación amenazan la salud de los Californianos, DOGGR oscila en sus labores

November 12, 2013 • Jhon Arbelaez

El 20 de septiembre, el gobernador de California, Jerry Brown, firmó la ley SB4, la cual requiere regulaciones al fracturamiento hidráulico, la acidificación y otras técnicas de estimulación de pozos. La ley también requiere un estudio a los potenciales impactos de todo tipo de estimulación de pozos, a ser completado para el 01 de enero del 2015.


California – Los próximos pasos

October 17, 2013 • Jhon Arbelaez

El 20 de septiembre del 2013, el gobernador de California, Jerry Brown, firmó la ley sobre normas para el fracking, la acidificación y otras técnicas de estimulación de pozos, las cuales no eran reguladas. Earthworks inicialmente apoyo la ley, presentada por la Senadora Fran Pavley, ya que existía una escasez de leyes básicas para proteger al público de la producción de petróleo por formas no convencionales. Earthworks retiro nuestro apoyo después que modificaciones al ultimo momento, pedidas por la industria petrolera, lograron restringir la ley, y redujeron su efectividad para la protección de la salud pública y el medio ambiente.