Norway moratorium on mine waste dumping is welcome news – but leaves fjords at risk

January 24, 2018 • Ellen Moore
“Life in the fjord must be more important than profit,”  said Leftist Norwegian politician, Ola Elvestuen, during a February 2014 visit to Førdefjord. Elvestuen was visiting the site of a controversial mining project that would dump 250 million tonnes of hazardous waste… More »

Letter to Citigroup to sever ties with companies that dump mine waste into the ocean

January 24, 2018 • Earthworks

Cotter Corporation Permit Objections

January 19, 2018 • Earthworks et. al.

Tell Citigroup to Ditch Ocean Dumping!

All around the world, clean water is threatened by mining. Now, Norway’s iconic fjords are at risk.
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President Trump Announces New Critical Minerals Order

January 18, 2018 • Aaron Mintzes
On December 20, 2017, the President issued an executive order (EO) pressuring regulators for faster permitting of so-called ‘critical minerals’ mines. This EO cloaks the negative community impacts of mining under a shroud of national security. Less a document over where we… More »

Comments re: Gunnison Copper Project Class III Draft Underground Injection Control Permit

January 4, 2018 • Earthworks

Toxics Release Inventory – Mining Industry Opposition

December 11, 2017 • EARTHWORKS
Under authority conveyed by the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA), in 1997 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) required the mining industry to begin reporting its toxic releases in 1998. In 1998, the National Mining Association, the… More »


December 11, 2017 • EARTHWORKS
Tailings are the waste materials left after the target mineral is extracted from ore. They consist of: Crushed rock Water Trace quantities of metals such as copper, mercury, cadmium, zinc, etc. Additives used in processing, such as petroleum byproducts, sulfuric… More »